Outline-Virtual Private Network

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Outline-Virtual Private Network

Our VPN implementation uses 256-bit ChaCha2020 IETF Poly1305 cipher. The encryption level is top-notch. This is a strong VPN encryption that only a few VPNs use in this industry.

It is based on Outline project (developed by Google). The VPN gives you control over your privacy by letting you operate your own VPN and Outline never logs your web traffic. Strong encryption helps keep your communications private.

Outline servers automatically update with the latest security settings, so you don’t have to worry about keeping software up-to-date. Same for OS as that is performed by Guru-host staff. The whole server is automatically backup several times during the day (been cloud based) and can be restored in a minute in case of a problem.


Connecting with the VPN is very easy. Just accept your organization’s invitation (by email), download the Outline app from Google Play or Apple Store, and click the big “connect” button. That's all!

Not at all, once you install it and run it for the first time it will automatically launch every time and scan for the VPN server. You don't need to do anything else from your part.

You can run the vpn application in any OS. Windows, Linux, Mac and all mobile devices without a problem. The relevant apps are always up to date and work with the latest OS releases.

Visit Outline main page (https://getoutline.org/en/home) and click on Get Outline from the top menu. it will direct you to all aps for mobiles and also for desktop. As an alternative you can just search on Google Play or Apple store with Outline VPN and it will pop up. If that is the case be sure that you will download the client and not the manager.

Our cloud-based servers are located in the following countries:

  1. Germany
  2. Finland
  3. United Kingdom
  4. United States (2 locations, East & West coast)
  5. Singapore
  6. Netherlands

There is an option to host your VPN from Greece & the UK but that comes at a higher cost. If that is any interesting to you please get in touch with us.

Price List

For 1 to 30 users £5 per month (limit 2TB traffic/month) ----> ORDER
From 30 to 50 users £10 per month (limit 5TB traffic/month) ----> ORDER
Unlimited users at £30 per month (limit 20TB traffic/month) ----> ORDER