Guru-host UK


The Service Level Agreement will apply to you if you have registered for services with Guru-host and you are in good financial standing with us. If you have an outstanding balance, SLA will not be applied. The following SLA cover all customers having any dedicated server hosted anywhere in the UK or Germany where we host the majority of our servers.

Every customer benefits from the following service license agreement guidelines:

Data Transmission SLA details including latency

* 99.9% SLA Uptime
* < or = 40ms European latency
* < or = 130ms USA latency
* < 0.01% packet loss

Should our network performance (packet loss and/or latency) fall below the above mentioned specifications credit up to 5% of the monthly total will be awarded. As mentioned, our SLA base level is 99.9% uptime. Should the network fall below this level for any reason other than planned maintenance or network attacks, we will offer the following credits:

* 95% to 99.8% = 10% monthly credit of the server affected
* 90% to 94.9% = 25% credit of the server affected
* 89.9% or below = 40% credit of the server affected

SLA uptime details are monitored by an alternative statistic company and we can provide a 30-day outage log upon request. Just raise a support ticket at and one of our engineer will provide you the log the soonest possible.