Do I need a dedicated server?

Learn when is time to make the next step and get a Linux dedicated server for top performance while backed up from top server management for piece of mind.

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MySQL Cluster

Guru-host is using mainly Galera to achieve high availability and high performance from MySQL. Galera Replication is a synchronous multi-master replication plug-in for InnoDB. It is very different from the regular MySQL replication and addresses a number of issues including write conflicts when writing on multiple masters, replication lag and slaves being out of sync with the master. Users do not have to know which server they can write to (the master) and which servers they can read from (the slaves).

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Bash & Pattern Matching Operators

Pattern-matching operators are most useful for working with freely formatted strings or variable-length records delimited by fixed characters. The $PATH environment variable is an example. Although it can be quite long, the individual directories are colon-delimited. Below list bash’s pattern-matching operators and their function.

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