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Using Galera Replication to replicate between Data Centers:


Although Galera Replication is synchronous, it is possible to deploy a Galera Replication cluster across data centers. Synchronous replication is traditionally implemented via 2-phase commit, where messages are sent to all nodes in a cluster in a 'prepare' phase, and another set of messages are sent in a 'commit' phase. This approach is usually not suitable for geographically disparate nodes, because of the latencies in sending messages between nodes.

Galera Replication makes use of certification based replication, that is a form of synchronous replication with reduced overhead.

Guru-host manages clusters for various large Web sites, online communities and social networks. If you run a Web site that is constantly growing and requires a solid managed infrastructure, Guru-host can give you the security and scalability necessary to grow with confidence.

Clusters are deployed within 1-2 weeks. Rush deployment can be arranged for an additional rush setup fee. A rush deployment can be deployed in as little as 2 days. Once your initial deployment is complete, we can scale your cluster to a larger size in just a few hours.

Guru-host follows a five-step procedure for deploying clusters:


  • We investigate your current application, get a feel for the technologies you utilize and we assess potential losses due to migration downtime. We will also discuss future growth and scalability at this time.
  • We investigate your current hosting enviroment. This is to get an idea of what you will be moving away from and how it is currently setup for future reference.
  • We design an optimal infrastructure for you that meets your hosting needs.
  • We present you with your options and explain our plans to you.
  • We implement our plan, and manage your enviroment. You will never need to touch your servers again.
  • All clusters are built on a custom basis to fit our customers' exact needs and requirements.

Contact us to discuss the best possible scenario for your needs.

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