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Architecture of Guru CMS

Most of the users out on Internet are looking for a platform where you can add/delete/modify content in real time; that is a content management system (CMS). There are many CMS's out there, most of them open source and free. Apart from various highly important issues that all those free software have there is one more where most of the end users have to deal with. This is the template engine and how to migrate/integrate their HTML/PSD layout to that CMS. All of them using compex syntax and or have many files to edit and at the end is impossible to migrate an existing HTML design exactly as you design it.

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Keeping up with change means being prepared for whatever might come. Guru CMS is designed to be flexible, super fast and easy for web designers, so changes in strategy are quickly implemented, tested and evolved. We built our content management system from the ground up with responsive design in mind since the 1.2.3 version (Released 15/04/2017). Manage your site and content from anywhere, with any device.

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