VPS offers full root SSH access along with the ability to host unlimited domains, install custom software/applications, or resell hosting. You can install any OS in your VPS as long as you can provide us the iso image (just a link to download it) in the rare case that we don't have it already in our installation server. Clients with large sites hosted in our cloud that want an extra boost can benefit a lot by running their apps from a VM.

By default all VMs are based on LXC. We are also offering virtual machines based on KVM for an extra £10 per VM/month in case you want to run Windows OS as this is not supported by LXC.

Our host nodes are mainly based on dual CPUs with 16 cores and from 64 to 256GB of RAM. The majority are connected to a centralized storage.
Those nodes that are not attached to a SAN have a minimum of hardware RAID 0+1 with decent RAID controllers.

Plans & Pricing

For an extra £30 per month your virtual machine will be fully managed. During the checkout process you will be given with an option to add the server management as an extra option.
Our server management plan covers all aspects of Linux support on a VM. From anti-hacking measures on your Joomla, Wordpress or other CMS to performance tuning.

VM12GB RAM,1 vCPU, 50GB storage, 1TB data transfer£25Order
VM23GB RAM,1 vCPU, 80GB storage, 1TB data transfer£30Order
VM36GB RAM,1 vCPU, 100GB storage, 1TB data transfer £50Order
VM48GB RAM,2 vCPU, 300GB storage, 1TB data transfer£70Order
VM516GB RAM,2 vCPU, 500GB storage, 2TB data transfer £90Order

Our host nodes are based in the UK and Germany. All VMs are configured with single IP. We provide unlimited SSL for free to all customers with a Virtual Machine or a dedicated server no matter if it is managed or unmanaged.
There is an option to run a fully validated SSL from single IP. No reason to have multiple unless you want to run an anonymous FTP or in other advanced conifgurations.
In any case, to provide an extra IP it will need to be compliance with RIPE rules.

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