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We are using Phplist since 2006 serving more than 3 million emails every week from multiple servers across the globe. The majority of our mailing lists servers are based in the UK and Germany. Be aware that all emails must be registered in your mailing list and not collected automaticaly over Internet with software. Below you will find some conifgurations that we recommend based on your email work load. The numbers that we provide come from actual experience and not by guessing.

We are offering one of the most popular email campaign software (phpList) ready to use. No downloading, no installation and configuration - we do it all for you and especially the MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) performance tuning.

With email marketing you can simply access your account from any computer connected to the internet and work on your campaigns, wherever you are.
From 1 to thousands of emails: change your email marketing plan anytime by sending us an email. With transfer rates of up to 1 Gbit/s you can enable thousands of users to receive your email data at the same time.

If you've got any questions please contact us. Do not forget to read carefully our Anti-spam policy.


Plans & Pricing

IF you are looking for a larger plan please get in touch with us. We can configure single or multiple servers to run multiple instances of Phplist to speed up mailing. Please be sure that you read carefully our spam policy, we have zero tolerance in spamming.

Phplist 1Capable to send 20-30k emails per week. 50GB of disk space£45Order
Phplist 2Capable to send 50k emails per week. 80GB of disk space£70Order
Phplist 3Capable to send 100k emails per week. 12GB of disk space£150Order

All plans have an one time installation/configuration fee of £90.

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