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Internet security is a fast moving challenge and ever present threat. There is no one right way to secure a website, and all security methods are subject to instant obsolescence, incremental improvement, and constant revision. All public facing websites are open to constant attack. Are you willing and able to invest the time it takes to administer a dynamic, 24x7, world-accessible, database-driven, interactive, user-authenticated website? Do you have the time and resources to respond to the constant flow of new Internet security issues?

The Top 10 Stupidest Administrator Tricks is a comic/tragic look at what can go wrong. Don't learn these tricks the hard way, get one of our Joomla security plans and sleep well. The most fundamental task any owner of a Joomla! website must carry out is to keep the base Joomla! installation up to date. Like any software, bugs and security vulnerabilities are identified and fixed regularly, and a ‘patch’ will be released periodically to resolve these issues. If you however been into trouble then look no further than Guru-host. We are using many different custom & open source scripts to filter and catch any Joomla attack. We can solve your problem and secure your Joomla installation afterwards to avoid future problems.

Our Joomla plan includes:

  1. Joomla hacked recoveryFix hacked Joomla! sites quickly and easily
  2. Audit your whole Joomla! site securely in moments
  3. Identify hacked files and suspect content in files
  4. Locate modified core Joomla! files, and identify changes
  5. Revert core files back to their distributed state
  6. Identify issues with your site you never knew you had
  7. Highlight areas of concern and fix them
  8. A suite of tools to make even very technical changes easier
  9. Add and audit all of your own and customers Joomla sites
  10. Ensure conformity to Joomla specific security best practices
  11. Optimize Joomla database
  12. Malware scanner
  13. Url filtering for SQL injections
  14. Joomla firewall system with double layers of protection
  15. File upload scanning
  16. Anti-Flooding
  17. Automatic block based on rules
  18. Embeded Virus Scanning function

Cost starts from £30 plus VAT for a detailed audit. Please note, that cost is for the audit only, not for fixing your site problems.
For a quote please contact us via our support portal and once we audit your site we will estimate the cost and let you know within a few hours.


Top 10 Stupidest Administrator Tricks


  1. Once your site's been cracked, fix the defaced file and then assume all is well. Don't check raw logs, change your passwords, remove the entire directory and rebuild from clean backups, or take any other overly paranoid-seeming actions. When the attackers return the next day, scream loudly that you've been "hacked again," and it's all Joomla!'s fault. Ignore the fact that removing a defaced file is not even step one in the difficult process of fully recovering a cracked site.
  2. When your site gets cracked, panic your way on over to the Joomla! Forums and start a new post with a very familiar title: "Help! My Site's Been Hacked!" Be sure not to leave relevant information, such as which obsolete versions of Joomla! and third party extensions were installed.
  3. Don't worry about updating to the latest version of Joomla!. Hey, nothing's gone wrong so far! Same plan for the third-party extensions. Too much work anyway.
  4. Trust all third-party extensions, and install all the cool-looking stuff you can find. Anyone smart enough to write a Joomla! extension will provide perfect code that blocks every known exploit attempt, now and forever. After all, almost all this stuff is provided for free by well-meaning, good-hearted people who know what they are doing.
  5. Do all upgrades and extension installations right there on the live site. Who needs a development and testing server anyway? If an installation fails, you'll just uninstall it again. That will hopefully also undo any damage the installation caused.
  6. Install your brand new beautiful Joomla!-powered site, celebrate a job well done, and don't worry about it again. After all, if you don't make any more changes, what can go wrong?
  7. Use the same username and password for your on-line bank account, Joomla! administrator account, Amazon account, Yahoo account, etc. Hey, who has time to keep track of so many passwords? And anyway, since you don't change passwords, it's easier to just use the same one all the time, everywhere.
  8. Don't waste time adjusting PHP and Joomla! settings for increased security. Hey, the install was brain-dead easy. How bad could the rest be? Worry about those details only if there's a problem.
  9. Don't waste time with regular backups. Maybe the hosting provider will help you.
  10. Go with the cheapest hosting provider you can find, preferably a shared server that hosts hundreds of other sites, some of which are high-traffic porn sites. Don't check the list of recommended hosting providers.

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