Server Management

All Guru-host management plans include system administration assistance for diagnosing and resolving issues related to the operation of your server, ensuring you enjoy the highest level of uptime possible.

Disaster recovery

The first real step in recovering from a disaster is to plan for it ahead of time. Disaster planning is the step most overlooked by small-to-medium sized hosting businesses, but proactive management today can save you immeasurable pain and costs tomorrow. Guru-host team will help you put together a recovery plan uniquely suited to your hosting needs. We brainstorm all possible ways your business can be impacted by minor and major disaster situations, and we create action plans to get you operational as quickly and painlessly as possible. We ensure the unexpected never takes you by surprise!

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Hacker Recovery

There is no such thing as a hacker-proof server. Anyone who has been in the Web hosting industry for any length of time can recount a horror story or two related to security compromises, and those stories invariably end with painful lessons. If you have already worked with us to plan for the possibility of a hostile intrusion on your servers, you're well ahead of the game. If you're experiencing a hacker-based disaster and you're not prepared for it, you need Guru-host on your side to help mitigate your damages and recover your data.

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Data Center Disaster

If you keep up with data center news, you know that disasters at the data center level are always a possibility. Disaster comes in many forms, from minor threats such as accidental network severing and equipment/routing failures to major catastrophes like natural disasters, fires, sabotage and even government raids. The key to weathering data center disasters is to have experienced representatives working with your data center on solutions and assisting with offsite recovery when possible. Call Guru-host before disaster strikes, so you can give your customers the best service when your data center gives you the worst news.

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Data Corruption

If you are working with us to proactively manage data corruption, you're already secure against data-related losses. If disaster strikes and you're not prepared, Guru-host can assist with your data recovery efforts and with the rebuilding of simple and complex RAID arrays. Advance preparation is always the best defense for data corruption disaster. But if the inevitable strikes and you are underprepared, bring Guru-host on board to assist with your recovery efforts!

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