Terms Of Service

Pricing and Interruption of Services /Contract Policy of prices

6.1 Quoted prices of products are in British pounds and VAT is excluded . The payment of services and products takes place in advance. The company maintains the right of changing prices without previous customer  notice . It is obvious that customer always overwhelms the price which is entered in the familiar price lists for this product or the service at per year order.

6.2 The company has right to offer packages or offers that will have more favourable terms or prices from those that existed when the customer initially bought services from the Company. These price changes and terms do not influence the existing prices of parts.

6.3 The price that the customer pays to the Company for services of hosting  may change afterwards the order in infrequent cases. The company maintains the right to change at any moment the resources and the prices of services of hospitality that are appeared in site for purchase by future customers. The refunding of debts of customer should become at the latest in 7 days from the day published of invoice which also publishes in the address https://client.guru-host.co.uk under the account of each customer. If th cost has not been paid after 7 days and provided that the  company has not been informed, your account will be deactivated and will not be activated until final payment . If this in not made within 10 days your account will be erased permanently.


Payment with Credit card

6.4 Customer has the possibility of paying his orders via credit card. The transaction of the credit card is completed after precede control and certification-validation of given information. The customer is the only person in charge for the correct information of his credit card.

Payment with deposit in account of bank

6.6 customer has the possibility of refunding his orders via deposit in banking accounts that are presented at the order of service. In this case the Customer owes to pay possible bank charges and to inform the Company for the number of transaction of deposit and the bank shop where they took place.

Interruption of Services/Contract

6.7 The present contract can be interrupted from anyone contracting, without cause. The company is not compelled in return of agreed sum for the time interval that remains from the day of interruption until the regular expiry of convention in the event that the interruption asks the customer or the contract is interrupted or by the Company in the event infringement of terms by the customer

6.8 If the Customer declares that he does not wish the continuation of services, then the company interrupts the operation of web site Customer and erases his from servers , without other notice.

6.9 H Company maintains the right to deny, terminate or place in unavailability the services provided to the Customer at wish, with or without warning, and will not charged for repercussions, positive or negative, as a result of stopping the web site from server or terminating other service.  File recovery at hosting packages is debited proportionally the weekday hours with prices that begin from 99€ per hour.

6.10 In the case where the Customer maintains non-acquitted one or more services in his account, then the Company has the right of suspension, interruption or deletion of all of his domains or accounts of hosting, paid off or no, without the obligation of giving backup.

6.11 The company maintains the right to cancel an account, including  files and the content, for any reason amd at any time. The customer agrees that he maintains backup copies with all files and databases  that  the Company is hosting,  and agrees that the Company will have no responsibility for the loss of data. The customer is the person in charge for making backups.

6.12 In case that the customer do not wish further services of the Company he has to declare it via the form of cancellation that is found in the contact http://client.guru-host.co.uk. After receiving the form  automatically the customer receives an confirmation email . In the event that the Customer does not receive confirmation email he will have to l communicate by phone with Guru-host. For dedicated hosting bsed in Germany and Greece we need a month notice prior to cancellation date.

6.13 In the event of no payment in time or of impossibility to charge the credit card of the customer, our Services are programmed to be interrupted automatically after the expiry of subscription.

6.14 In the event that the rest of the Customer's Credit Card at the moment of transaction  is not enough the Services of Company are programmed to be interrupted automatically afterwards the expiry of subscription.

6.15 None of our server management plans include installation, configuration and daily maintanance of services like reverse proxies, custom applications and any software related with cloud services/applications. For this kind of support a seperate contract/quote must requested from the client.

Renewal of Services

7.1 This contract is renewed automatically according to current price list on the type of provided service at the time period of renewal except and if the customer doesn't wish further collaboration with the Company and after informing the Company.

7.2 In the event of refunding of subscription with deposit in the bank, the Customer owes to pay by any chance banks charges and to inform the Company for the number of transaction of deposit and the shop of bank that made the deposit, at least 2 weekdays before the expiry of subscription. If the customer cannot inform for the deposit via  internet  or if required by the Company, the Customer must send by FAX to the number  +302118001866 or with email in the support [at] guru-host.co.uk, the deposit slip and entering evidently in the notice/slip his contact information, his domain name and type of service that paid.

7.3 In any case, the customer owes to check that the company received the notice of refunding of his subscription and activated/renewed the services for which it paid. In the event that the company is not able ascertains the elements of refunding of rest from renewal of services because of bad quality FAX, not delivery of email briefing in the Company) then the company interrupts the operation of web site Customer and erases him from servers her, without no absolutely responsibility for by any chance damage or damage that is caused by the finish/interruption of her services to the Customer.

7.4 Data protection

Compliance with data protection laws; warranty of Customer's right to disclose personal data (GDPR); details of personal data and purposes of processing by the Host (GDPR); duration of personal data processing by Host (GDPR); personal data processed by Host on instructions (GDPR); informing Customer of illegal instructions (GDPR); personal data processed by Host as required by law (GDPR); confidentiality obligations on Host persons processing personal data (GDPR); security of personal data processed by Host (GDPR); appointment of sub-processor by Host (GDPR); authorisation for Host to appoint sub-processors (GDPR); Host to assist with exercise of data subject rights (GDPR); Host to assist with compliance (GDPR); Host to provide information (GDPR); deletion of personal data by Host (GDPR); Host to allow audit (GDPR); changes to data protection law.

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