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With prices starting from 4£/month everyone can move to the cloud computing.

Why cloud?
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Available Plans

All our plans are based on cloud computing with separate web/database/email/log and dns servers, spread across 3 locations.

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1GB storage


2GB storage

Multi 10

10GB storage


£4 /month


£8.9 /month


£13.90 /month


24/7/365 Support

Daily backups

Dedicated DNS/Email/Web/DB servers

99.9% availability

Free Security Audit [1]

License discount for Guru CMS [2]

10% 20% 40%

Setup within a day

[1] For every web site we offer a single security audit for free. Once you upload your web site, an expert will check it and let you know about our findings!

[2] More about Guru CMS can be found at the official web site.

Cloud Hosting is fast & reliable!

The overal speed of cloud hosting is much more improved over the traditional shared hosting where an X amount of clients are Hosted within a single server.

  • Auto transfer to another host in case of hardware failure
  • Dedicated database servers
  • Dedicated email servers
  • Daily backups (7)
  • Load balanced servers
  • Server location spread in 3 data centers & 2 countries
  • NVMe storage on RAID 10 storage systems

Manage everything from single interface


Without a thousand features that you will never use...ISPConfig is a great control panel to manage your hosting plan.

Multiple Servers

Your website is hosted across multiple load balanced servers. You will get different Database, Email, Web and DNS server at the same price.


Full control of your email, ftp, DNS, Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL & Cron jobs among others.

Try ISPconfig

Click here to access the demo. Choose "Client login" from the available list.

The following functions are disabled in the online demo: Changing the password of the default admin, reseller or client user, changing system server settings and the system interface configuration, using the language editor and the remote API. The monitor in the demo does not show any real data. The database of the online demo is reset once a day.

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If the following questions & answers don't apply to your case please get in touch with us.

The difference between shared and cloud hosting lies in how each is organized. Shared hosting servers are servers with multiple websites on them. Web hosting companies build and maintain these servers, and they place a bunch of websites on them. Cloud hosting is a service that exists on multiple servers.

We use 2 main DNS. The primary is hosted in Germany and the second in Finland. There are both load balanced & fail over. We got 0 downtime on them since 2012.

Of course yes. You can expand your storage up to 1TB of storage. The extra space is available via a network attached storage based with NVMe SSD for super speeds.

Yes. Any company that assures you otherwise is simply lying. There is no unlimited in computing…. The architecture to build a proper cloud is very expensive. The possibility of needing a larger package has to do with many factors. The main one is usually bad written software. If you are not sure about your page / application do not hesitate to contact us. Also, a reminder that with every web site migration we offer a free security audit. That will help you to choose the most suitable plan before you get into any problem. We have full-time developers within the company who can help you. In any case, if your page needs to be upgraded to a faster package we will let you know. The solution to the above problem is to increase the resources without the need for a downtime (maybe a few minutes, depending on your application) with a small extra cost depending on the load that your app causes. In any case we will help you find the best solution.